I’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital. Here you can learn how to make a site yourself either by searching my knowledgebase. Or by sending me a message directly through my ticket system.

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You have seconds to capture the attention of your audience. Your website is an expression of who you are and what you offer. But don’t be stressed, I can help! Either you can take a look at the knowledgebase section under help center. Or you can sign up and create a ticket. And I will take a look at it personally. What kind of online presence you want? Your brand profile, and who is your target market. Whether you sell products online or just want an informative identity on the internet, I can help you get started. Let’s talk about layouts, icons and illustrations you want to incorporate into your brand new website.


Cut through the crowd! I can create clean, clutter-free, custom websites. Your vision combined with my expertise will result in a purpose-built website, customized to not only look good (which it will), but visitors will also be able to navigate intuitively, resulting in an effective online experience that achieves its goals and purpose. Do away with old-fashioned sites. Your website will be fully responsive to all media devices. Optimized for smartphones and tablets.


What then? I love using WordPress, which means your new site is easy to update yourself, you deserve a content-rich, beautifully designed website, ready to deliver your key message and rank high in search engines. Need help with SEO content or management of social media platforms? That’s OK I can help with that too. Or you have the option to take care of it yourself.

About me

Daniel Pedersen, Freelance Web Designer


I’m a freelance web developer and designer that is studying web development in Denmark. I have been working with WordPress since I was 14 years old. Let me help you create your dream site.

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I create and design websites for your needs, no matter if it's a blog or if it's for your business.

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Let me help you with your next site. I can both create web design but also develop it.

Is it east editable? I will make sure it’s easy for you to make changes.

Who am i?

I’m a freelance web designer and developer that is studying web development in Denmark.

Want to learn more about me? Look no further, I got you.

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By ordering a site from me you automatically get professional support and expertise.

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